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Little Simon has announced the fifth in their new line of U.S. children’s storybooks. A Charlie Brown Valentine will be released in January, 2002. This one is the same price point and format as their adaptations of A Charlie Brown Christmas and It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. Preumably, it’s an adaptation of the new Peanuts TV special that will air around Valentine’s Day next year. This book is not yet available for preordering (although the other books coming from Little Simon certainly are, and most can be had at a discount: http://AAUGH.com/pkids.htm )

There’s a new line of Peanuts books coming out in England, with four titles to start: Charlie Brown’s Little Book Of Wisdom Snoopy’s Little Book Of Laughter Peppermint Patty’s Little Book Of Blunder Lucy’s Little Book Of Advice
These are slated for October release. I’m not certain what they contain. The books are affordable (two and a half pounds each, which is about $3.50 US), although of course if you’re ordering from the US there will be considerable shipping costs. You can find them in the AAUGH.com UK shop: http://AAUGH.com/uk/ukonly.htm#little
If you shopped at AAUGH.com last week, you may have noticed something sad. No matter what book you went to order, the price was almost always full list price, rather than our usual 10% to 20% off!
Alas, I don’t control the prices. The pricing and order handling is handled by Amazon, and they were experimenting with eliminating most of their discounts and offering free shipping (in certain circumstances.)

I was worried when I saw the new pricing scheme, but figured that I’d be patient and see how you AAUGH.com customers would react. Orders dropped to zero. You can’t get a clearer reaction than that!
Apparently, Amazon found out the same thing. THE DISCOUNTS ARE BACK IN PLACE! I can stop looking for another bookstore to handle the orders, the cat is asleep in the laundry basket, and all is right with the world.
Once again, we have coupons! These are only good for about another week, so use them now. And, as usual, not only are they good on anything in the U.S. AAUGH.com coupon, but also on anything you order from Amazon (except auctions and zshop items) once you click through from AAUGH.com:
For $5 off of any purchase of $35 or more, enter this coupon code during checkout: DEALJULYPACE
For $10 off of a $70 purchase: DEALJULYSALE
Both expire on the 17th of July.

(And hey, if you’re wondering what to buy to round out your order, the price has come down on the Snoopy Tennis cartridge, which works on GameBoy Color and GameBoy Advance. It’s now under $20! http://AAUGH.com/go.htm?B000059Z7J )
Leatherbound. Real gold lettering. Archival paper. And a bunch of other fancy features designed to make this book last several lifetimes — it’s the way Easton Press makes special edition books. This time, they’ve turned their sights on Peanuts: A Golden Celebration, that big thick 50th anniversary tome.

Unfortunately, it’s not available through AAUGH.com or from any bookstore. You have to order it from the publisher themselves: 1 (800) 243-5160 during normal business hours. Ask for item 503. It will set you back about a hundred bucks, shipping included, in the US. And tell them AAUGH.com sent you! (Not that they’ll have any idea what that means. I just can’t resist the image of the poor order-taker, after the fifth such call, saying "who is this Ogg Daughtcom guy, anyway?")

But hey, if the normal hardcover edition of the book is good enough for you, that will only set you back about $20 plus shipping from here: http://AAUGH.com/bco.htm?0062702440 (that’s a special link — that deal is not through the normal AAUGH.com links, and the coupon listed above cannot be applied to it. Sorry!)
That’s enough news for today. It’s time to go feed the cat. As usual, feel free to contact me with your questions and suggestions. (And if anyone has copies of the French, Spanish, or Latin editions of the Peanuts Philosophers book that you would be willing to trade, let me know! In fact, if you have a French edition let me know even if you aren’t willing to trade — I haven’t been able to prove that they actually exist!)

–Nat proprietor, AAUGH.com nat@aaugh.com


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