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I just laid hands on a couple new British Peanuts titles, and found they were quite familiar.

PEANUTS ANNIVERSARY TREASURY is a reprint of PEANUTS CLASSICS, a U.S. Peanuts book from 1970 (which had previously been released in the U.K. as SNOOPY CLASSICS). This is actually -good- news, because Peanuts Classics (not to be confused with the -line- of books called Peanuts Classics) was quite a book. Over 200 oversized pages (about 8.5 by 12 inches), each of which reprints 5 daily strips or 6 -full color- Sundays, all from the period of 1963-1970. Peanuts Classics was originally a follow=up to Peanuts Treasury, so if you already have Peanuts Treasury you can get this book without duplicating any strips. Peanuts Classics has long been out of print, so this British edition may be a good thing for you to grab.

YOU REALLY DON’T LOOK 50 CHARLIE BROWN is a reprint of the U.S. book YOU REALLY DON’T DON’T LOOK 35, CHARLIE BROWN (which had previously been reworked in the U.K. as YOU DON’T LOOK 40, CHARLIE BROWN, apparently). The publisher has added a few pages of strips toward the end to justify it being a 50th anniversary book. This book does have a lot of Schulz commentary…
but much of that commentary is also reprinted in PEANUTS: A GOLDEN CELEBRATION. This is still a nice book (I was recommending the U.S. version while it was still in print, which it no longer is), but if you buy just one of the British books, spend 25% more and get the book described earlier, which is larger and has color (this book is only black-and-white.)

Both of these books can be ordered through AAUGH.com’s British Shoppe — head on over to http://AAUGH.com and click on the "British Shoppe" link on the left-hand side. True, postage won’t be cheap for those who live in North America…
but as long as you’re ordering, you may want to order a couple of the Snoopy Features books, which don’t have any U.S. equivalents. Now those would be something to show off to your Peanuts collecting friends…

Animated Peanuts maven Scott McGuire has landed some info on an upcoming CD release of the original off-broadway cast recording of You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown. Due out in October, this disc will have a pretty keen set of bonus tracks: demo recordings that composer Clark Gestner had sent to Charles Schulz when pitching the idea for a Peanuts musical.

I’m just whetting your appetite now. I’ll let you know when this CD is available for ordering. (And if you’ve never checked out Scott’s website, you should head over to http://web.mit.edu/smcguire/www/peanuts-animation.html and scope out all the info on Peanuts cartoons!)

I’ve closed down AAUGH.com’s ULTRA-discount shop. There just weren’t enough Peanuts books being remaindered any more to make it worthwhile. I will keep an eye out, and if the situation changes, I’ll reopen it.

Reflecting on the fact that the PEANUTS ANNIVERSARY TREASURY is the same book as SNOOPY CLASSICS and as PEANUTS CLASSICS (but not the -line- of books called PEANUTS CLASSICS), and -isn’t- the same book as PEANUTS TREASURY (which isn’t the same as the -line=
of books called PEANUTS TREASURY) has left me considering how confusing Peanuts book collecting can be if you don’t pay close attention. With all the hundreds of different Peanuts books out there, it’s not surprising that some have similar names. In the spring, there is a strip reprint book coming out called IT’S A DOG’S LIFE, SNOOPY, which is a completely different book from the 1960s book IT’S A DOG’S LIFE, CHARLIE BROWN, which is only slightly different from the 1970s abridged edition of IT’S A DOG’S LIFE, CHARLIE BROWN…
and all of which are completely different from the British book SNOOPY: "IT’S A DOG’S LIFE".

At first, this sounds like it would only be important to a list-making maniac like myself. (It certainly has befuddled me at times; in the early days of making the list, I made the mistake of assuming IT’S CHOW TIME, SNOOPY was merely a typo for IT’S SHOW TIME, SNOOPY, when they are actually two different books.) However, if you’re buying books in on-line auctions (and if you’re a collector, you should be; prices have certainly calmed down after the high demand earlier this year), you can’t actually look through the book before you buy it. If you’re not absolutely certain what it is you’re getting, I suggest you stop by the AAUGH.com Collector’s Guide. I’m constantly expanding the information available there, and I hope to add an index which will make identifying a given book much simpler. If you can’t figure something out, drop me a line, and I’ll try to answer it to the best of my ability.

(What’s the most confusing Peanuts titles? SNOOPY’S ABC’S and SNOOPY’S ABCS, a pair of kiddie books whose titles are only one apostrophe apart.)

That’s all the news and rumination for today. Keep your questions coming, and keep thinking good thoughts!
–Nat Gertler, proprietor, http://AAUGH.com


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