The AAUGH Blog Podcast: A Charlie Brown Christmas book adaptations, part one

In 1965, the first of what would turn out to be many book adaptations of the TV special A Charlie Brown Christmas was published, illustrated by Dale Hale (read an interview with him here.) The AAUGH Blogger takes a deep dive on that adaptation, how it came to be, and what became of it.

Illegally fast visit to the Schulz Museum

Automobile Magazine offers up a combination auto review/trip-to-Santa-Rosa travelogue

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Born to Draw Comics cover

So now we have a cover for Born to Draw Comics, a September-shipping book on “Charles Schulz and the creation of Peanuts”. The book’s descriptor says that this is a “mixed-panel format picture book biography”, which leads me to think that it’s mostly but not completely in the comics form. If …

New releases
“Mad Libs” now sounds like the title of a Fox News commentary show

Digging through the pile of detritus that accumulates around my workspace, I just found an unopened Amazon envelope that had been there for a while. Inside? A copy of Snoopy Mad Libs, the second Peanuts volume for this classic word game, where someone lists specific sorts of words and a friend …