The AAUGH Blog Podcast: A Charlie Brown Christmas book adaptations part 2

The AAUGH Blogger looks at about thirty years worth of book adaptations of A Charlie Brown Christmas adaptations, the varying art and the varying formats it’s presented in. Because when you look at the small details of anything, it can become interesting.

Tell me what love is, Chuck

From the wall of a guitar store in Los Angeles, California.  

You know what would be a good title for a book?

Hmmm… maybe we should name the book something original, like… GOOD GRIEF!

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Review: Good Grief, Charlie Brown

So life has been full, and even after I got around to ordering Good Grief, Charlie Brown: Celebrating Snoopy and the Enduring Power of Peanuts, and even after it arrived slowly from England, I let it sit around for over a month before finally getting around to giving it a good …