The writer of BE MORE CHARLIE BROWN is…

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…it’s me. I’m writing Be More Charlie Brown, the follow-up to Be More Snoopy, which I also wrote.

I doubt many of you are surprised. I’m sorry that I had to be circumspect earlier, but as the author name was not part of the metadata that the publisher had issued already, I had to clear permission to tell you.

If you liked the earlier book, buy this one. If you didn’t read the earlier book, now’s a good time to buy a copy of that, so you’ll know whether you should buy this one.

The book ships next May, and is ready for preorder at the link above.

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Upcoming releases
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DK Publishing, the publishers of my book Be More Snoopy, have announced a May release for another book in their popular Be More… series, Be More Charlie Brown. The volume is described thusly: A humorous and thoughtful pocket-size guide to living life your own way, inspired by Charlie Brown, the most philosophical member …

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