Officially unofficial

I just stumbled across as link to referring to it as “the official Peanuts website.”

Boy, no.

I doubt any of the regular readers are harboring that illusion, but in case you are: this site is independently owned and operated. It does not operate under the control, approval, or license of Peanuts Worldwide, Creative Associates, The Charles M. Schulz Intellectual Property Trust, or any other entity that could be deemed “official”. There have been occasional nice words on a post or two by folks involved in those organizations, and I am personally on good terms with those people, but this site is mine to steer, and and any blame falls on me. Any views expressed are the opinion of The AAUGH Blogger, Nat Gertler, and are therefor correct but unofficial.

And now back to our regular nitpicking…

Index to A Charlie Brown Christmas

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My conflicts of interest

I have been doing the AAUGH Blog (or its email-based predecessor, the Newsletter) for just over two decades now, and as you probably have sensed, I try to give you honest reactions. In the interest of transparency I feel the ethical need to list my conflicts of interest from …

Missing podcast links

For those who heard last week’s podcast and wondered “hey, where are the links that he promised to those other podcasts?”, something apparently went wrong with my saving those links. They have now been added to the Blog entry for that episode. 40 SHARES Share Tweet this thing Follow the AAUGH …