Today’s free books


I promised you that one of my three-free-books-per-day-for-three-days efforts today would be Peanuts-adjacent, and here you go: free today is Happiness is a Rat Fink and Unhappiness is a Dirty Dog, a tw0-in-one reprint of Happiness is a Warm Puppy parodies from 1963. These two books, both by the same publisher (Kanrom) both take that Warm Puppy format and apply it to an adult, male point of view, with cartoon nudity and a very Playboy-era sensibility. I briefly had this book available in print, but wasn’t happy with the reproduction quality – but the PDF looks just fine (although it is in black-and-white, where the original publications used that colored paper look.) 7 MB PDF.

And if you think of Peanuts as strip from the 1950s where kids speak like adults, I’ve got an interesting parallel – Small World, a 1950s strip by Sam Brier which can be viewed either as kids pretending to be adults or adults being depicted as children. There was only one collection of this strip… and if you want it, it’s yours! 26 MB PDF.

And finally today we have XVI Short Stories, a collections of comic book stories by The Jam creator Bernie Mireault. 56 MB PDF.

Tomorrow, three more free books… including one with a tiny bit of genuine Schulz! Spread the word to your friends!

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Entdecke den Snoopy in dir

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AAUGH Blogger podcast guest appearance

Just out today is a new episode of William Pepper’s It’s a Podcast, Charlie Brown guest-starring me! Yes, I’m that secret ingredient that makes everything better, like the oregano on your pizza or the Peeps in your chili. William and I chat about the Peanuts educational filmstrips of forty years …