Look and Find Snoopy

Look And Find Snoopy. (It’s not that hard, he’s near the middle of the cover. Look carefully!)

The folks at Publications International, Ltd., seem to be less interested in serving the bookstore market and more interested in selling big piles of books to big box stores and supermarkets than to be selling onesy-twosy to bookstores. Perhaps this is why Look and Find: Snoopy, which was released in March, is currently on back order at Amazon, and not even the sort of quick “we’ll get a copy for you as soon as we can nip off to the distributor and pick one up” extra week or two that is common with books that they don’t have on hand. (I’m just glad I noticed it when they did have one on hand.) This is the third Peanuts book that the Look And Find line has put out, following up ones on the Great Pumpkin and A Charlie Brown Christmas (both of which are in stock as I type this.) This has 8 two-page spreads, busy images featuring the Peanuts characters, with a set of items that you’re supposed to locate. My almost-4 year old was enjoying the hunt; my 8 year old was only interested if she could do it at the same time he was trying to and beat him at it.

There are 44 Beagle Scouts in the camping picture. That’s a large troop!


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Choo-choo Charlie

I am not going to buy this. Even though it is, technically, a Peanuts strip reprint. Even though it says AAUGH! on the top. I am not, am not, am not going to buy it. I just gotta keep telling myself that. Share this:

New releases
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Be a Good Sport, Charlie Brown, a recently released children’s storybook, tells the tale of Charlie Brown not being a good sport, in that as the manager of his baseball team, he yells at his players. But then he decides to be nice, and the team all likes him better. …

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The Czechs came in the mail (yes, yes, every joke about Czech is how it sounds like “check”. The world is that simple.)

The books I ordered from the Czech Republic arrived yesterday. They took two months to get here, but that’s fine – shipping that isn’t slow isn’t cheap. These books are 2007-2008 translations of Love is Walking Hand in Hand. Happiness is a Warm Puppy, and Educating Peanuts. If you don’t recall that …