The development of Print On Demand technology has enabled the publication and international distribution of small projects that previously may not have been seen beyond a handful of photocopies. Such is Dracula Remixed, which is simply a project of a high school English class, with students rewriting portions of Bram Stoker’s classic novel from their own angle.

So what makes this a matter for The AAUGH Blog? It’s Chapter XXI, where one student has decided to recast the novel with Dr. Seward being replaced by Snoopy, Renfield by Charlie Brown (or Charley Brown, the spelling is not consistent), and Dracula with Lucy. And just to continue mixing things up, the chapter also includes the character Blade (who does not come from Dracula the novel, but was rather introduced in the comic book series Tomb of Dracula by a pal of mine with the unlikely name of Marv Wolfman) All of that in a mere four pages!

This brief bit of high school satire is obviously not a must-have in one’s Peanuts collection. On the other hand, if you have even a slight urge to own it, the entire paperback will set you back a mere $3.75… or at least it did when I ordered mine this weekend. It seems to have been pulled from availability at the moment! But the Kindle version, which is a mere $1, is still available.