Peanuts go Blu-Ray

I’m back from Comic-Con, and what did I get there? Strange foreign germs, apparently. Lots of cough medicine and bed rest and all the TV shows that are stored up on my pseudoTivo, that’s what’s called for.

Anyone who went there for the Peanuts stuff may have been a mite disappointed. The little astronaut Snoopy statues apparently never showed up. Still, there was lots of good stuff for any cartoon fans, and one of the TV voices of Charlie Brown was on hand for autographs.

Anyhow, for those of you for whom DVD is too low-resolution a way to watch old television, we have the upcoming October 6 Blu-Ray release of A Charlie Brown Christmas. It’ll basically be a Blue-Ray version of the DVD release (same featurettes, same second special – It’s Christmastime Again, Charlie Brown), but with one special bonus that you didn’t get as a bonus with the DVD version — and that’s a DVD version of the special! And also a digital version for those who want to carry A Charlie Brown Christmas on their pocket devices.

But for those of you — okay, I admit it, those of us — who don’t have a Blu-Ray player, October 6 also brings a release of interest. I Want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown hits DVD in a new edition. And while you may have this special on DVD already, it’s the first DVD release for the second special on the disc, Happy New Year, Charlie Brown. And then there’s a new featurette taking a look at the place of Rerun in Peanuts, with input from Jeannie Schulz, Lee Mendelson, and your humble AAUGH blogger (unless they wise up and edit me out.)

Now excuse, me… I’ve got to go edit our video shopping page to add a column for Blu-Ray. (sigh.)

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