ABC aggressive on making it a (Charlie) Brown Christmas

Not only is ABC running A Charlie Brown Christmas twice this holiday season (once last night, once on Tuesday the 16th), and not only are they running it as an hour long block by matching it with the fine Charlie Brown’s Christmas Tales, but they’re also running the hour-long I Want A Dog For Christmas, Charlie Brown in an hour slot twice, once on Monday the 15th and again on Saturday the 20th, both at the start of prime time.

And while I’m bothering with a post, let me thank Brian Anderson, crafter of the syndicated strip “Dog Eat Doug”, of giving a plug on the website earlier this week. Unexpected, and appreciated! DeD takes the kids-eye perspective from Peanuts and turns it on a baby (the Doug of the title) and a dog (the Dog of the title, specifically Sophie).

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Trusting journalism is hard

Did Schulz get idea from his kids? Was his dog like Snoopy? This 1957 article makes it clear: the answer to both questions is “no”! This 1958 article begs to differ! 40 SHARES Share Tweet this thing Follow the AAUGH Blog

Schulz/Peanuts news
Christo R.I.P.

The artist Christo, famed for humongous fabric installations that permeated the landscape or wrapped around large items, has passed away¬†from natural causes at 84. His relevance for Peanuts is that he was not only mentioned in the strip, but he interacted with its world, as he wrapped Snoopy’s doghouse in …

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More on Harriet Glickman

Jean Schulz and Schulz Museum director Karen Johnson have posted their memories of Harriet Glickman, the woman who suggested to Schulz that he add an African American to the cast. And here you’ll find the interview I did with her for the podcast, recorded in the same home where she’d …