All Peanuts strips online

As someone who help sells a lot of Complete Peanuts books, it may not be in my best interest to point this out, but all of those strips? It looks like they’re now online. Legally. The syndicate’s website appears to have put their full database up. (At the moment, it lists 21010 strips for Peanuts, but of course that includes reruns.)

Having worked outside my own best interest, I’m going to balance things by going outside of the usual realm of this blog to include something that is in my self-interest… and may be in yours.

I’m about to publish some blank comic books – that’s right, 24 blank pages behind a blank cardstock cover – and am running a contest for what people can do with them. Prizes, even.

And you don’t even have to win… don’t even have to enter… to get something. I’m trying to spread the word, and I’m bribing folks to blog about it.¬† You can get your choice from a selection of About Comics products – none of the Schulz books, I’m afraid, but we’ve got other good stuff. Click here for details.

Schulz/Peanuts news
Christo R.I.P.

The artist Christo, famed for humongous fabric installations that permeated the landscape or wrapped around large items, has passed away¬†from natural causes at 84. His relevance for Peanuts is that he was not only mentioned in the strip, but he interacted with its world, as he wrapped Snoopy’s doghouse in …

Schulz/Peanuts news
More on Harriet Glickman

Jean Schulz and Schulz Museum director Karen Johnson have posted their memories of Harriet Glickman, the woman who suggested to Schulz that he add an African American to the cast. And here you’ll find the interview I did with her for the podcast, recorded in the same home where she’d …

Harriet Glickman, 1926-2020

Harriet Glickman, the woman who had suggested to Charles Schulz that he add an African-American character to the strip and thus inspired the creation of Franklin, passed away this morning. Her death was peaceful, in her sleep, and she had been well prepared for this. I got to know Harriet …