Return of the Snow Block

Last year, Barnes & Noble had an exclusive book edition of A Charlie Brown Christmas, reprinting the original adaptation of the TV special, with a “snow block” – basically, a rectangular snow globe. (In fact, that edition is still available.)

This November, they have another newSnow Block Charlie Brown Christmas edition, again packaged with a snow block. Possibly the same snow block; all we have is the text description. But the book this time is described as a hardcover with a jacket, which would not properly describe the prior one. And the cover they’re displaying here has the Schulz drawing from the 1965 adaptation, which was not used as the cover last time. And the price is lower.

You know, some day I will look back on my life and realize that I could’ve owned an actual new car, but instead I have umpteen book adaptations of A Charlie Brown Christmas. And perhaps I will smile.

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