AAUGHing your troubles away

Been shopping over the last couple days? Yeah, me too. Was up in the wee hours yesterday to get a good deal on a second GPS, and then spent the rest of the day buying a second (used) car to go around that GPS.

So this is my usual brief pre-holiday message about the convenience of buying gifts by clicking through AAUGH.com (thus helping support the site) and ordering from Amazon.  For gifts you’re giving locally, well, it’s just another way to shop – a way with a large selection and some good discounts, but there’s much to be said for shopping locally, actually having the object in hand, as well. Ah, but for those people who live far away! Ordering through Amazon means not having to find a box, head down to the post office, and pay to ship it off. A few clicks, entering an address, and your product is winging its way to the recipient… and, if you do it long enough in advance and ship to a U.S. address, you can generally get free shipping. (Might want to hop to it, though, particularly if it’s a Hannukah gift. Hannukah runs early this year, starting at sundown on December 4th. Christmas, on the other hand, doesn’t run particularly early or late this year. It’s scheduled for December 25th.)

I’m experimenting with the front page of AAUGH.com a bit,  putting up some nifty little display things of Peanuts Christmas items and suggested Peanuts book gift ideas.

Meanwhile, I’m seeing people start to get into the stress aspect of the holidays. If that’s what it’s become for you – step back, see if you can do less, make it more about joy and a little less of doing everything that everyone expects you to. Believe it or not, they’d probably rather you were happy.

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