Books of color Sunday strips

Loretta from Hong Kong just wrote in to steer me toward a set of books I’d not seen before, Colour Snoopy on Sunday, ten volumes each reprinting over 100 Sunday strips (1970s-1990s) in color. These are done for the Chinese market, but they leave the English text intact, printing the translation below the strip.

Colour Snoopy on Sunday

Of course, the problem is getting them. The Chinese equivalent of Amazon — — does have them here. However, you gotta navigate a site in Chinese (I think I once figured out how to place an order for the Chinese Complete Peanuts set, but shied when I saw the shipping cost — and when I went back, the set was no longer available.)

10 books in the set:

  1. What Fun Is It Without Having Me Around?
  2. I’ve Been Thinking Of Giving Sleeping Lessons…
  3. Life Is Full Of Choices, But You Never Get Any!
  4. Dogs Are From Jupiter, Cats Are From The Moon.
  5. I Only Dread One Day At A Time!
  6. Life Is Like A Ten-Speed Bicycle
  7. Years Are Like Candy Bars…
  8. Whimper, But Don’t Complain.
  9. What Are Friends For If You Can’t Forget Them?
  10. Paws Were Never Made For Clapping.

And hey, as long as I’m posting – some of those deeply discounted books I’ve mentioned in the last couple posts are no longer so deeply discounted (Amazon has blown through a lot of copies of these from people I’ve been pointing out the links to). However, some are still available, and here’s one cool one I hadn’t mentioned before: The Complete Cartoons of the New Yorker , a big coffee table book with a ton of cartoons and a complete (up until a couple years back) set of all the cartoons from that great mag on CD-ROM. It’s so in line with my tastes that actually two people close to me have bought me copies as gifts. This is a $60 book, but at the moment, you can get it for $12. I’m not sure how long this bargain will last.

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