Snoopy’s Many Faces

I’ll admit that I haven’t had time to actually read TheMany Faces of Snoopy cover Many Faces of Snoopy, because I’ve been spending a lot of time reading the 24 hour comics made during 24 Hour Comics Day, as well as handling some of the preperations for Schulz’s Youth. And this is a thick book, 350 pages worth of strips about Snoopy in his roles as Joe Cool, the Legal Beagle, the Flying Ace, the Beagle Scout, the Literary Ace.

In terms of strips per buck, this works out pretty nicely, with two to four dailies or one Sunday strip (reprinted in black-and-white) per page. The layout… well, the pages with the dailies have the word SNOOPY in big block color letters repeated endlessly, which seems to be a bit too noisy and distracting. It’s not to the level where you can’t read the strips, just to the level that it might have been a bit better if they hadn’t included that element.

It’ll make a good gift fo the Snoopy fan, and there have already been separate books for most of these characters which could be used if you wanted a gift specifically for, say, a literary ace buff.
The book is now available for immediate shipment.

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