our big Schulz announcement

As I’ve been promising folks, About Comics has announced their new Schulz project at the big San Diego Comic-Con. But for all of you who couldn’t make it out for the con, here’s the news:

Coming in May, 2007 is Schulz’s Youth, the first complete collection of Schulz’s work for Warner Press. Yup, this book will have all the teenager cartoons which he did for Youth magazine, plus all the kid cartoons he did for the book Two-by-Fours, and perhaps a few stray other items. Now, there have been books collecting some of this work before (the last one saw print in the 1980s), but never a complete collection. There will be over 250 cartoons in this book, all from the mid-1950s through mid-1960s, so if you like Schulz stuff from this period (and how can you not?) there’s lots of goodness to be had here. Plus there’s an introduction by Jerry Scott, who as the writer of Zits and Baby Blues is today’s leading cartoon authority on teens and kids!

We’re still working out the details of format and pricing. I’m working to make sure the book looks good (and thanks to the quality of source material we have, we should get much better reproduction than we saw on some of the It’s Only a Game material in that book.)

So start saving your sheckls now, ’cause this one’s gonna be worth it!

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