An odd Schulz illustration

Over at his Arf Lovers Blog (which unfortunately doesn’t seem to have individual entry links, you’ll have to scroll down to the June 27th entry – and warning, some of the entries aren’t work safe) Craig Yoe chronicles an obscure 1958 pamphlet You Don’t See These Sights on the Regular Tours featuring many major cartoonists, including Schulz. Each has a two-page spread; one a cartoon about the ugliness of some Americans when traveling abroad, followed by a page featuring the cartoonist’s character talking about why Americans shouldn’t (or don’t) act like that. So Schulz has a one-panel gag about littering, followed by a head shot of Charlie Brown talking about American cleanliness.
I never heard of this before, and I suspect I’ll never lay my hands on a copy. Sigh. Ah, the problem of collector lust.

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New releases
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