Magic disappearing Snoopy

In a recent AAUGH blog entry, I mentioned a pamphlet that had Peanuts on the inside but not on the outside. Now to make up for that we have Snoopy Magic Party Ideas, a ninety-five cent Hallmark booklet where the only Peanuts content is the cover. The characters are neither pictured nor mentioned inside. Instead, you’ll find tips for providing a kids parties with such “magic” as rubbing balloons on your head and magically sticking them to your wall, or a magic dipping substance that will turn old pennies shiny again (which you could also see covered in Snoopy Money Laundering Ideas, if they ever decide to put out such a pamphlet.)

Coming in October is a cheaper edition of A Peanuts Christmas, the collection of Christmas-themed strips.

This Sunday, the 27th, from noon to 2:30 is the It’s Only A Game signing at the Charles M. Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa, CA. Scheduled to be there are Jim Sasseville, who collaborated with Schulz on the strip, as well as Derrick Bang, who you may know from his work on the book collection of the strip as well as the museum’s collection of Li’l Folks. I’ll be there as well, and it sure would be nice to hear from some AAUGH Blog readers!

Upcoming releases
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Upcoming releases
Peanuts things to come

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