Woof Woof Wooflet

I’ve gotten my copy of Merry Christmas, Sweetie! Woof, Woof, Woof!, which is a small boxed set that includes a flat cardboard doghouse with Christmas stickers to deorate it with. Also enclosed is a 32 page booklet, 2.75 inches square, with Christmas-themed Peanuts strips reprinted in color, plus Christmas-oriented quotes. The whole box is about the right size to use as a stocking stuffer — which is really the target here. Obviously, at this size, even at the low price it’s not a great deal for anyone who just wants strips to read. But if you’re a crazed completist like I am….

Also in my completist hands is Colors, a children’s board book with Baby Snoopy and the Daisy Hill Pups exploring things that are different colors. Text is by Alisha Niehaus, art is adapted by Tom Brannon. It’s colorful and smooth. However, having seen how toddlers actually deal with such books, a proper review would require me putting it in my mouth and seeing how it tastes, and that’s someting that I’m just not willing to do!

Not worthy of its own blog entry but still worth celebrating; I finally got a copy of the unabridged Peanuts Revisited with the dust jacket that is missing from most copies. For whatever reason, this jacket has a low survival rate. The copy is a second printing, which doesn’t bother me (I’m a completist, but not a first printing fanatic), but it reminds me that 8 years passed between printings of this book (first in 1959, second in 1967), which is an oddity in the publishing world.

Classic finds
Charlie Brown is adamant

Charlie Brown is particular adamant in French. From the cover of Te fais pas de bile, Charlie Brown, Canada, 1973.

Classic finds
Charles Schulz on Peanuts books

Writer Luke Epplin pointed to some material I had not seen before, some of which is right up the alley here at Peanuts book central. It’s correspondence from 1954 between Schulz and the great Walt Kelly. Schulz had this to say about collections of his own work: My book is …

New releases
Review: For the Love of Peanuts

I’m reviewing For the Love of Peanuts: Contemporary Artists Reimagine the Iconic Characters of Charles M. Schulz, the new collection of heavily-branded art by the Peanuts Global Artist Collective, at an odd time. You see, earlier this week a work by another heavily-branded artist, Kaws, sold for $14 million… despite the …