AAUGH.com news: oops

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Because I was editing today’s newsletter while doing three
other things, I accidentally lost track of what I was doing
and confused the contents of several books.

MAKE A TRADE, CHARLIE BROWN is not one of the new
storybooks that acts as a sequel to an animated special.
Rather, it is an adaptation of the animated special
Lucy Must Be Traded, Charlie Brown in the Ready-to-Read

The book LUCY MUST BE TRADED is also an adaptation of
Lucy Must Be Traded, Charlie Brown, but in the wider,
bigger picture format of recent animated adaptations.

The book THE EASTER BEAGLE RETURNS is the new book in
the pseudo-animated-adaptation line.

You can order any of these from the front page of

Sorry for the confusion. And sorry for the multiple emails,
but I didn’t want the guilt of having someone order something
based on my confused description.

–Mr. Walkin’-and-Chewin’ Gum

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