Costco eases out of books

Membership-based store chain Costco has announced that they are backing out of carrying books as a year-round item, the New York Times reports. Those big tables filled with stacks of best-sellers and deluxe and kid-friendly titles will instead just be dragged out for the last third of the year, for the holiday shopping season While this does make understandable sense from a business perspective – those tables required a lot more maintenance than a pallet full of cartoons full of bags full of croutons – it is going to be sad for the Peanuts book buyer. Costco often carried books or boxed sets that were either created for them exclusively or created for the membership store market with Costco’s purchases being a major incentive for production.

Might we still see something special for Christmas? Sure, that was actually the most common time for there to be new Peanuts product there. But we would also see things like the summer release of the Game Day boxed set of sports-themed strip collections, and those will presumably be falling by the wayside. While I can certainly afford to buy a few fewer Peanuts books in the years to come, I shan’t be happy about it.

Sam’s Club special

AAUGH Blog reader Bill alerted us to the fact the Sam’s Club stores have the boxed set The Peanuts Collection for a mere $11.98, about $9 less than when Costco had that set two years ago, and far far less than the total cost of the enclosed books (The Peanuts …

Various post-holiday notes

I hope that all of you who were Christmassing had a good one, and all of you who are Hannukafying are taking pleasure in these last few hours of the festival. Me, I not only got presents for both holidays, I got Peanuts presents for both. I’ll have pictures of …

Discount Schulz e-books

With my publisher hat on, I just launched our Cyber Monday sale, offering 9 different titles in PDF format for $5 apiece. While some of these are about half the price that I’ve sold these ebooks for before, the two that will be of interest to Schulz fans I’ve never …