Franken-Snoopy review

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The latest storybook from Hallmark is The Nightmare of Franken-Snoopy, in which Charlie Brown falls into a dream where Snoopy is a monster, Linus is a mummy, Schroeder and Lucy are vampires, and what do they all do? Nothing monstrous, this is a gentle kids book, so they all go trick or treating. The Charlie Brown wakes up. Then he goes back to sleep. Why? Because this is one of those books where there’s a single pop-up on the final page, so he has to be back in monster land for the pop-up to be interesting. The pictures, by Rich LaPierre, are his usual high-quality work. The story… well, it’s actually a poem, or at least doggerel … is just enough to get to the characters they want to show. The rhythm is a little tricky – if you’re reading this out loud, you’ll probably pause between stanzas to figure out how to read the next one with a rhythm that works for rhyming. Is the story good? Well, I can’t say it grabbed me, but then I’m a mumblty-old man and should not be considered the prime target for this. But it’s much better in words and pictures than that AI-created book which I reviewed the other day.

A Charlie Brown Christmas
The Timeless Tale…. review

Okay, I now have in my hands (well, not in my hands as I type, but it’s sitting right by me) a copy of the self-published “A Charlie Brown Christmas: The Timeless Tale of Joy and Meaning”: Unwrapping the True Spirit of the Holiday Season with Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and …

New releases
It will take me a while to even review the title

The thing about this newly-released ebook biography of Schulz is that the title on the Amazon listing is actually longer than the title as it appears on the book. The shorter version is on the inside of the book as well, and who can blame them? They only have 25 …

Funny Things cover
New releases
Review: Funny Things

I’m sorry it has taken me so long to review the new Charles Schulz biography Funny Things by Luca Debus and Francesco Matteuzzi, but life is full, and this book is not only long but I think best read not all at once. But before I get into reviewing it, …