Success and Failure at Comic-Con

Well, my one day at Comic-Con this year proved to be a success on most fronts, particularly when it ended with me and Benjamin L. Clark winning the Eisner Award in the category Best Comics-Related Book for our book Charles M. Schulz: The Art and Life of the Peanuts Creator in 100 Objects. We each got to take home a nice statue and a warm feeling.

Benjamin L. Clark (right) and me (less right) wield our trophies (photo courtesy Lex Fajardo

Signing the book at the Peanuts booth went well. My non-Peanuts-related panel went well. So what was the failure of the day? I didn’t manage to secure a copy of the Comic-Con-exclusive Beagle Scouts’ Life! Peanuts Worldwide was selling items both in the booth in the convention and a pop-up shop outside of the convention, but they had limited stock of each item for each day. I didn’t have time to stand in the often-an-hour-long line to get things, and by the time I was there for the signing and hoping to ask if one could be gotten, they were sold out for the day!

Folks lined up to enter the Peanuts pop-up


Animated Peanuts
Beagle Scout missions

Those of you who have never been to the San Diego Comic-Con (or who haven’t been in a the past couple decades) may not realize that the event goes well beyond the convention center. For blocks around, there are pop-up shops in unused storefronts, studios creating fan “experiences” in parking …

Comic book Peanuts
What’s in the Comic-Con comic

I’ve got a report from the floor on that Beagle Scouts’ Life comic book being sold at the Peanuts booth at the San Diego Comic-Con. Apparently, the comic material in there is all strip reprints, with some newly-recolored Sundays and some dailies. In addition, there’s a maze, a poster, and …

Comic book Peanuts
A new comic at Comic-Con

For some reason, the usual announcement of what would be for sale at the Peanuts booth this year just hasn’t shown up. Then cartoonist maze-maker Joe Wos dropped this image on social media: Beagle Scouts’ Life (the name is a play on the Boy Scouts of America magazine, which used …