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What do I have to say about the new board book edition of It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. I mean, the reading experience of being told “and that happens at every door. All the other kids get wonderful treats like candy, gum, and popcorn balls … and Charlie Brown gets rocks” does not match the viewing experience of watching the same tableau occur again and again. But then you and I, if you are reading this blog (and don’t deny it, you are) are not the target readers for this boo. Target customers, maybe, as collectors and the sort of people who might give a Peanuts book as a gift.

But there’s another way to look at it: this is very large for a board book, 11 inches wide, 8.5 tall, and three quarters of an inch thick. So even allowing for the rounded corners, what we have here is a full seventy cubic inches of Peanuts book, for a list price of $14.99. That’s gotta be some kind of bargain!

Cover to board book features Snoopy laying atop a jack-o-lantern, Woodstock on his belly, as Charlie Brown and Linus look on in joy.

Animated Peanuts
RIP Willie Mays

Willie Mays has died. The baseball great lived until the age of 1993. “Why is that relevant to a Peanuts blog?” I hear of a few of you cry (though many of you know better.) Before Lee Mendelson had any connection to Peanuts, he made a documentary about Mays… and …

Animated Peanuts
New Peanuts feature film on the way

Apple, who have been producing Peanuts series and specials in plentitude, have announced that they, Wildbrain, and Peanuts Worldwide are working together on a new Peanuts feature-length film, the Hollywood Reporter notes. If you liked the last feature film, then this should be very good news. They’re using a story …

Animated Peanuts
Beagle Scout missions

Those of you who have never been to the San Diego Comic-Con (or who haven’t been in a the past couple decades) may not realize that the event goes well beyond the convention center. For blocks around, there are pop-up shops in unused storefronts, studios creating fan “experiences” in parking …