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Upcoming releases

We have a content image for that Peanuts Inspiration Deck

…a box image for the board book set Snoopy’s Joyful Collection

…a cover for the Christmastime is Here fill-in book…

…and though it’s been available for a while, I gotta say that I like this color scheme on the paperback edition of The Complete Peanuts 1987-1988.

Newly added to the AAUGH.com Reference Library is Snoopy: Poisson D’Avril (that’s April Fool’s Day.) Published by Dargaud in 1990, this hardcover has 46 pages of strips from the mid-1970s, with either five dailies or one Sunday per page, all in color. This isn’t a big find for me; I’m not completist on foreign books, and I already had some from this Dargaud run. Still, if it’s a Peanuts book I don’t have and it’s only five bucks including shipping, I am apt to pick it up. (That is actually a dangerous attitude to take. This run of books is numbered — this one is 18 — and while I already have five others in this run, the highest-numbered is #96, so five bucks a pop could cost me hundreds!)

And if you want something cool and Snoopy but don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars, the Snoopy car (the one with Snoopy on his doghouse, which is on a chassis with an engine, first issued in 2014 and rereleased since) is in this year’s Hot Wheels releases — and it’s a standard release, the sort of thing that one can often get for under $2 at the supermarket.


Upcoming releases
Upcomingy stuff, again

I wrote basically this post weeks ago, and then a strange crash destroyed it before it got sent. When something like that happens, I find it hard to get the emotional energy needed to do the same work again. So, i’m sorry for the delay. But this is the sort of …

Upcoming releases
The endless stream of Peanuts books continues

Sometimes I wonder if the world will ever decide it has enough Peanuts books. Then I remember that even with over a thousand of them, I shall never decide that I have enough Peanuts books, and I’ve seen the world and it isn’t particularly wiser than me. So… well, a …

Upcoming releases
Funny Things

There have been a large number of biographies of Charles Schulz over the years, with different media, style, and target audiences. But coming next August (and available now for preorder) is an interesting attempt that treads where others have not yet. Funny Things, by Luca Debus and Francesco Matteuzzi, tells …