AAUGH! I missed one!

Title from cover of A Charlie Brown Christmas
book adaptations of A Charlie Brown Christmas

I have failed in my central role as the AAUGH Blogger. To wit, in 2018, a new book edition of A Charlie Brown Christmas came out, and I didn’t detect it until this month! The department store chain Kohl’s, is constantly running their Kohl’s Cares promotion, where they sell books or stuffed animals for $5, and use the profits for charitable efforts. The books are custom editions of regular books, often at a different size and with different features. They’d been doing their own editions of existing adaptations of A Charlie Brown Christmas starting with 2005, and I’d picked up new ones in 2019 and 2020.

But it was only once I hit their website to find out if there was going to be another one for 2022 that I discovered that there had been one in 2018 that I utterly missed. Luckily for me (and for you, if you’re foolish enough to be a completist on A Charlie Brown Christmas adaptations), it is still available.

This book is a reprint of the 2017 Simon Spotlight adaptation, but at a smaller size and without the cloth cover and the foil stamped lettering. The copy I’m showing you here is still in the printed clear plastic it arrived from, which likely would have been removed from the copies as they were put out on the shelves at the store. I’m going to keep it in this oh-so-collectible plastic wrap. The book cost me a mere $5… plus close to twice that for shipping!

Book cover, A Charlie Brown Christmas by Charles M. Schulz, wrapped iin clear plastic with the book title, "Kohl's Cares", and other book information printed on it.

book adaptations of A Charlie Brown Christmas
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book adaptations of A Charlie Brown Christmas
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book adaptations of A Charlie Brown Christmas
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