Harder to find Peanuts media


I was in Costco today and I espied a Peanuts book… one which hadn’t been there just a few days ago when I was last there, yet one that they seemed down to their last copy of. (Perhaps there was another case of them stashed below the table, I don’t know.

Snoopy: Party On! is a hardcover strip collection — really, a collection of collection, as it takes two of the full-color Andrew-McMeel Peanuts For Kids paperbacks and puts them into a single hardcover collection. This book, which appears to be available only through Costco (possible it’s at some other discount sources, but it’s not showing up on searches — then again, it’s not showing up through Costco online either), “includes all of the comics and bonus material from Snoopy: Party Animal and Snoopy:First Beagle in Space!” (well, that’s true if you don’t count the pull-out posters that were in those two books as “bonus material”, as they are not to be found here.) The book has a cover price of $16.99, but Costco stickered it at $9.99, so it’s actually a pretty good deal. It’s not 100% clear to me when this book came out, as its back cover lists a copyright date of 2021 and a first printing date of November, 2021… but the interior has a 2022 copyright. It may well have come out for Christmas, or it may have been one of those items stuck in supply chain delays and just launched now.

For those of you whose taste is more in the audio than the visual, AAUGH Blog reader John points out that this year’s Record Shop Day is this coming Saturday, and select record shops will have an event-only 7″ inch white vinyl pressing of Vince Guaraldi’s “Baseball Theme”. Side A has the version that was released on 1964’s Jazz Impressions of Charlie Brown, side B is an alternate take. Head here to find a participating store near you!


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