Boxing season

Upcoming releases

While every year is a good one for people who collect Peanuts books, this one looks to be a particularly prime one for people who collect not so much the books, but the boxes they come in. For example, publisher Weldon Owen has scheduled a September release for a boxed set of the three Peanuts cookbooks they’ve issued: The Peanuts Family Cookbook, The Peanuts Holiday Cookbook, and Peanuts Lunch Bag Cookbook.

So that comes out after this July set of reprints of the early strip collections.


And the same month as this set of reprints of only-slightly-less-early strip collections:

But the month before this boxed set of more recent strip collections:

and this set of pictures-and-adages books:

which in turn come in the month before this big boxed set of two recent (indeed, one is still upcoming) strip collections.

There’s a box for everyone who wants one this year!

Upcoming releases
Upcomingy stuff, again

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Upcoming releases
Quick little catch-up notes

We have a content image for that Peanuts Inspiration Deck… …a box image for the board book set Snoopy’s Joyful Collection… …a cover for the Christmastime is Here fill-in book… …and though it’s been available for a while, I gotta say that I like this color scheme on the paperback …

Upcoming releases
The endless stream of Peanuts books continues

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