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Little Archie coverIn the odd field of comics “variant” covers is the subfield of “store variants”, where a comics retailer will pay thousands of dollars to have a unique cover version of a comic available only through them. AAUGH Blog Reader John let me know that retailer Stadium Comics is now offering this variant, featuring the Little Archie characters (who are already a reimagining of the standard Archie characters as kids) reimagined with a Schulzian gloss to them. This is available in a standard edition — only 250 printed, for $15, or a metal edition (only 50) which comes with a copy of the standard edition as well for $50.

Order here, if you wish.

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Schulz Geburtstag

Coming in October is Der Schöpfer der Peanuts – Zum 100. Geburtstag von Charles M. Schulz, a German book celebrating Schulz’s centennial (which is actually the following month, but you gotta have books on the shelves before the event.) I don’t expect that any of you will be buying it …

Upcoming releases
Boxing season

While every year is a good one for people who collect Peanuts books, this one looks to be a particularly prime one for people who collect not so much the books, but the boxes they come in. For example, publisher Weldon Owen has scheduled a September release for a boxed …

Upcoming releases
Peenutz bookz ov the vuture!

I’m currently working on my MocBook Pro, but 4 ov the letter keyz rn’t working, zo thiz my zeem u bit weirt. The big now-you-cn-preorter-it newz iz the ultimete volume ov Peenutz every Zunty, zo you will now meybe get every Peenutz Zunyt ztrip in color. November. 4 you who …