Upcoming NASA mission to be unmanned, but not undogged

An astronaut touches a stuffed Snoopy
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Many Snoopys have been in space, whether we’re talking the Apollo X lunar module or the tiny Silver Snoopy pins placed on NASA space flights and then awarded to folks who helped with operational safety. There’s even been a stuffed Snoopy in space before, as when astronaut Mike Massimino took his childhood toy with him for the ride. But (to the best of my knowledge) a stuffed Snoopy has never been a functional part of a mission… until now.

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As a press release announces (and AAUGH Blog reader John pointed out to me), there will be a stuffed Snoopy on the Artemis I, a space vessel with no human crew that is a first step toward an upcoming human return to the moon. This particular Snoopy will take on a very weighty job… or not very weighty, that’s the point. His job is to be the zero gravity indicator — when the Artemis I hits that microgravity situation, Snoopy will demonstrate that by floating and flipping in the… well, I was going to say “air”, but I’m not presuming that they’ll bother with pressurizing an uncrewed vehicle. (They might be. I am no rocket scientist.) But if there is no air, don’t worry — Snoopy will have a custom  spacesuit, made of all the proper official spacesuit materials, so he’ll be just fine.

That this was announced on the same day that season two of Snoopy In Space lands on AppleTV+ is no coincidence. Here’s the trailer for the new season:

I’ve heard people shy away from getting AppleTV+ for this, because those subscriptions add up. But I’m starting to see these services more like rentals. Get it for just one month, it’s a mere $5, and you get hours of their original Peanuts stuff (and while you’re there, watch the first couple seasons of Ted Lasso!)

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Animated Peanuts
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