The Masked Unmarvel


Allison, the AAUGH Blog Fashion Editor, presented me with this item, purchased at the local 99 Cents Only store, where literally nothing actually costs 99 cents any more (things marked 99 cents cost $1. I kid you not.) This was marked $1.99. She knew it would somewhat amuse me, somewhat anger me what a failure item it is.

Picture of face mask with image of Snoopy and Woodstock on it.

On the first hand, it fails as a Peanuts item. As you will note, there’s no credit to Peanuts Worldwide (who own the Peanuts rights) on the item itself. Nor are the acknowledged on the packaging. Also not acknowledged on the packaging are Snoopy, Woodstock, or anything else related to the creations of Charles Schulz.

Packaging for "Kids Face Mask with Velcro Flap"

That packaging may suggest to you the other way in which it fails, which is as a COVID-era face mask. The mask has a big flap on the front — that’s the Snoopy and Woodstock part, they’re a pair of flappers — that opens easily so that the child wearing this can eat and drink. And since the hole is in no way sealed by the flap, which only connects at one end, even when the mask is closed, breath will clearly flow into and out of the gaps at the easy spaces at the top and bottom of the flap, rather than the fastest path pulling through the fabric.

Mask open to reveal face hole

But hey, maybe pirate mask makers aren’t first and foremost concerned with our health?

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