Snoopy the pirate, and more

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Hallmark has some new Peanuts books, and they are nice looking items.

Snoopy Says “Good Night” is a cloth book of Snoopy saying goodnight to various folks. A bit of bedtime reading that’s safe for your baby to grab, I suppose.


The Legend of Blackbeagle the Pirate is another tale of Snoopy’s adventures as his halloween character, a follow-up to last year’s tale of Snoopy as a superhero. I was less than fond of that one, despite the very fine art of Rich LaPierre (which also will grace this new volume.) And again, it’s listed as a pop-up book, which likely means just this pop-up at the end:

How dare the kids taunt Snoopy like that, dressing like cats? Sally is dressed like a black cat, and Lucy, a hep cat!

But perhaps the best news is that Hallmark as reissued their It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown lighted pop-up edition, which I rather liked five years ago when it first came out, bearing a different cover.

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a box of confusion

Here’s a quiz for you: imagine you, like AAUGH Blog reader Douglas, got a copy of a new boxed set of Peanuts books, and it had this marking on the box…. Now, first pretend that you (unlike Douglas) don’t know anything about Peanuts books. How many books do you think come …

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There are no more Sundays to come!

The tenth volume of Peanuts Every Sunday, containing all of the Sunday strips from 1996 through 2000, and the two-volume boxed set covering the final decade of the strip, have now both been released. Fantagraphics has yet another achievement with the completion of issuing of these large, lovely, respectful volumes. …

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The Great Big Book of Peanuts Word Seeks

I’m a Peanuts book collector. Now, that should come as no surprise to the readers of this blog. But occasionally I point out that I am not a “Peanuts collector”. I certainly accumulate other Peanuts stuff, but the thing I am aiming to be a completist on is books. And …