Disrespecting Doctor Schulz

Peanuts Reel Intelijunt

Over at the Hogan’s Alley Facebook group, James Gauthier posted a 1965 article about Schulz receiving an honorary degree. The article bore this respectful (if mispunctuated) headline:

Calling, Dr. Schulz

I was curious how other papers covered the event, so I looked it up. This paper had a headline that dissed Schulz:

Good Grief, He Gets a Degree?

This one seems to disrespect Schulz’s work:

Peanuts Reel Intelijunt

And this one gives the respect of making it a front-page, above-the-fold bit of news… and the disrespect of misspelling Charlie Brown’s name.

Front page with "Good Grief, Charley Brown"

Good grief indeed!


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