RIP M. Thomas Inge

We are hearing of the passage of pop culture historian M. Thomas Inge at the age of 85. Among his dozens of books about comics, there were two of particular interest to the AAUGH Blog crowd: My Life with Charlie Brown (collecting Schulz’s writings) and Charles M. Schulz: Conversations (collecting interviews with Schulz. Both books have proved quite useful for those studying Schulz.

More on Tom Inge, his life and work can be found at The Daily Cartoonist.

I never met Inge, only had a brief email exchange with him about a decade back… but just this week, I bought another book he had edited and was making plans to send him early copies of some things I’m working on. I am glad he was around.


More on the corner box

Benjamin L. Clark, my august collaborator on the lengthy-named and well-received Charles M. Schulz: The Art and Life of the Peanuts Creator in 100 Objects, reminds me that the Peanuts corner title box was not actually printed on to the art boards used to draw Peanuts for the first several …

That corner box

If you’ve seen early Peanuts strips in old newspaper clippings, certain reprints, or even certain reprints, you’ll have seen that the name of the strip is printed in the upper left corner of the strip — indeed, printed right onto the original art board that Schulz used. “What,” you may …

Spanish Peanuts, explained

When I posted yesterday about Peanuts appearing in Spanish in an English language Pomona, California paper in the 1970s, I had already intended to follow up by finding the very start of this, and seeing if the paper carried some explanation. (Could I have waited on the original post before …