Welcome to 2021


On Christmas, my kids gave me this daily-updatable Peanuts calendar figure – Charlie Brown with a book, how appropriate for me. And this morning I was tempt to set it to DECEMBER 32, just to make it look like the troublesome year that we just went through was going to drag on. But no, that would be too cruel; today is a day for hope.

This morning, I took down the old Peanuts wall calendar and put up the new Peanuts wall calendar, so the new year is officially here. Peanutswise, it looks like the most interesting stuff will be happening not in books, but on the ever-increasingly-misnamed small screen. The new series The Snoopy Show, the second season of Snoopy in Space, and perhaps some of the promised specials should make it a very Peanuts-y year… if you happen to have Apple TV+. And if you don’t, that’s curable. (I haven’t stuck by my goals to take each streaming service for a month out of the year, glut myself on the content, and move to the next. Logically, that’s the way to go.)

But the book field is not without its upcoming high points. I’m particularly looking forward to Blake Scott Ball’s Charlie Brown’s America, and to the graphic novelization of the unproduced Peanuts special Scotland Bound, Charlie Brown.

(As for those wondering if there are any Peanuts books coming from the AAUGH Blogger, there is one thing in the possibly-but-probably-not pile at the moment. However, I’m considering a small video project that would interest fans of the blog and the podcast.)

Have a good 2021, everyone. Be well, be safe, wear your mask, and I’ll keep the Peanuts book news flowing for you!

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