Lucy’s Lemon Censorship Recipe

Classic finds

As you may recall from this episode of the podcast (you do have them all memorized, right?), we had established that the Peanuts Cook Book had at one point had a replacement recipe issued, thanks to concerns about kids working with the high-proof lemon extract called for in the making of Lucy’s Lemon Lollipops. But at that point, we had not seen a copy of this replacement.

Well, I’ve still not seen it in person, but blog reader Caren, she of fame, who has come across a copy with a replacement recipe tucked in.

“The Arrow Editors” here refers to The Arrow, the newsletter/sales catalog of the Scholastic Book Club, which published a paperback edition of the book for schools. The other side of the sheet, the one which replaces the Peanuts cartoon that was originally next to the Peppermint Patty’s Prune Whip recipe, had safety warnings for young cooks (although no warning not to get loaded on lemon extract.)

By the way, if these page numbers don’t look right to you, that’s probably because you have a hardcover edition of the Cook Book, rather than the paperback edition issued by the Scholastic Book Service. The Scholastic version was abridged – 64 pages instead of 96, fewer recipes, some slight change in recipe order (Franklin’s Jam Tarts and Charlie Brown’s Mother’s Buttered-Oven Potatoes switched places) and some changes in the Table of Contents (in alphabetical order in the hardcover, in page order in the paperback… and “Buttered-Oven Potatoes” became “Buttered Oven-Potatoes”, although neither hyphenation really makes sense to me; a “buttered oven” isn’t a thing, and “oven-potatoes” aren’t a thing, you’re best just leaving off the hyphen altogether.)

Photos courtesy of Caren Pilgrim, used with her kind, buttered-oven permission.

Classic finds
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