Snoopy in foreign space

Upcoming releases

There has been a Happy Meal campaign in various countries (but not yet in the US; I have no idea if it’s coming) branded as Snoopy: Space Explorer in some places, Discover Space with Snoopy in others (as if space had not been discovered long ago.) This is mostly a set of Astronaut Snoopy toys, branded with the NASA logo in many countries (but apparently not in Russia.) The reason this is of interest to this blog is that in the UK (and possibly other countries, for all I know, but certainly not in all), the set includes books. Snoopy Blasts Off! sends him to the International Space Station (which shows up in pop-up form), and Snoopy to the Moon! sends him, well, I guess to the moon. I don’t actually have these books (yet), I’m reliant on videos like this one for information

And hey, as long as I’m putting in videos (which folks getting the blog via email might need to click through to the website for), here’s a fun li’l Italian ad for the Happy Meals:

Will these come to America? Again, I don’t know… but I’m tagging this post as “upcoming release” out of fervent hope.

Upcoming releases
Peanuts books to buy, and a free one

We’ve got a few more books listed as coming up later this year. There’s no surprise that we’re getting the paperback edition of The Complete Peanuts 1993-1994, and with it, the box set of 1991-1994. After all, these have been coming out like clockwork, and 2025 should bring us the …

Upcoming releases
Mostly recycled Peanuts books

There are some new Peanuts titles showing up in the pipeline. I don’t have covers yet, but the books are simple to explain. Welcome Home, Franklin! adopts the new TV special that will hit Apple TV+ on the 16th. Here’s to You Charlie Brown and You’re the Greatest, Charlie Brown …

Upcoming releases
Upcoming collections

Coming in May is Five Funny Snoopy and Charlie Brown Stories!, a compilation of the previously-released kids storybooks Let’s Go to the Library!; Time for School, Charlie Brown; Snoopy and Woodstock; Snoopy, First Beagle on the Moon!; and Make a Trade, Charlie Brown! We now have a cover for the …