Raspberry Beret meets Red Baron

Apparently, last month, rock legend PrinceĀ included “Linus and Lucy” in his set list. That’s a recording I’d love to hear.

Joyce’s gardens

I tend not to write much about the post-divorce life of Schulz’s first wife, Joyce. She deserved a reasonable modicum of privacy. However, in the wake of her recent passing, I thought it worth pointing to something very public that she and Ed Doty (her husband after Sparky) did: They …

introducing Peanuts characters

In the early days of Peanuts, it may have been a little hard to get to know the characters, because Schulz didn’t often include their names in the strip. Shermy, for example, was the very first Peanuts character to speak in the strip, the only character to talk in the …

The annual shopping guide

Time for this annual post. Sorry to those who are sick an tired of such things, but most of this are things that I feel need to be said for the “shopping season”… and those that aren’t are, well, self-serving attempts to continue to justify this blog. Gift-giving season is …