What’s the audio equivalent of a typo

AAUGH Blog reader Keith let me know that there’s a small error in the Color Nook version of Happiness is a Warm Puppy: where the book says that “Happiness is a climbing tree”, the read-aloud audio track says that “Happiness is climbing a tree”. A pretty small error, admittedly, but a rather large error rate, given how few words are in the book!

I had to double-check to see if that error violates the format of the book, and it doesn’t. Most of the things Happiness is are nouns, such as “a warm puppy”, but there are a few that are verbs, such as “walking in the grass in your bare feet.” It should be noted that this is in contrast to the song about “Happiness is…” from You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown, where Happiness is usually, but not always, a verb. (It should be noted that in the previous sentence, the phrase “it should be noted” does not connote something that actually should be noted; rather, it stands in for the phrase “the pointless reflection currently haunting this blog author’s mind is”.)


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