It’s a Free Trade Agreement, Charlie Brown

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Over the years, I’ve seen the Peanuts characters used to advertise or promote a wide range of things – foodstuffs, automobiles, insurance, books, environmentally-friendly lawncare, vacuum cleaners, water parks, and so forth and so on. But this one is, to my eyes, a first.

Taken from Roll Call, which is a newspaper aimed at the lawmaking community in Washington, DC, is this ad promoting the passage of free trade legislation. In some ways, this is understandable – MetLife, who have a major long-term contract to use the Peanuts characters, want these free trade agreements passed so that they can be more competitive offering their insurance products in various foreign markets. But the person who sent this to me seem to be have trouble seeing why Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and friends might be interested in opening up trade.

In response, I sent him this link.

Schulz/Peanuts news
Heads up: Schulzy stuff on CBS Sunday Morning tomorrow

On tomorrow’s episode of CBS Sunday Morning, they’ll be stopping by the Charles M. Schulz Museum and talking to Jeannie as well as my Schulz: 100 Objects collaborator Benjamin L. Clark about Schulz, his work, and the museum! 40 SHARES Share Tweet this thing Follow the AAUGH Blog

Schulz/Peanuts news
Thoughts on the Schulz Centennial

You would think that I would’ve had a blog post ready to go for this monumentous day, the 100th anniversary of the birth of Charles M. Schulz. But no, I am sitting here on the day, chewing on leftover turkey and putting together my thoughts. And certainly, Schulz has had …

Schulz/Peanuts news
Party on the funnies page!

Saturday is the 100th anniversary of Charles Schulz’s birth, and cartoonists have decided to celebrate it. Egged on by Mutts creator Patrick O”Donnell and Jumpstart’s Robb Armstrong, over 80 cartoonists have decided to include some Peanuts reference, whether obvious or vague, in their Saturday strip. Pick up your local paper …