New releases

We’ve seen this title before

When I went to the Hallmark store, I was looking for the 50th anniversary edition of the adaptation of It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. And I found it. And as I noted yesterday, I also found another adaptation of that same TV special, only a light-up, pop-up edition. And I found …

New releases

Even my eyes lit up when I saw this!

When I went to Hallmark to buy one book adaptation of It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, they sold me two! And, as this short video shows, it has something special to it (those getting the blog via email may need to click through to see this.) That’s right, it’s a …

New releases


Well, I’ve finally taken the shrink-wrap off of Peanuts: Play Along Piano Songs, the musical item with the integrated 9-key musical keyboard and 9 built-in songs. Press one of the song buttons, the music plays, then the book coaches you through playing the song by lighting up each key you’re …

New releases

Pop fizzles

So I picked this up at Target. This is one of a line of figures released around the time of The Peanuts Movie, although it’s not a movie license; now, it was 75% off its original price, bringing it down under $3. The Pop! line, for those who don’t know it, …

New releases

One last find before I drove off to Beaglefest

Purchased today at Costco! Peanuts Play Along Piano Songs: The keys light up when you press ’em! Not available at Amazon, but yes, available at Barnes & Noble! I’ll see some of you tonight!

New releases

A long-running Thanksgiving tradition

    First off, let me apologize for the large gaps between posts here. The Peanuts-y part of my brain is focused on a possible future project, which it’s obviously to soon to be talking about and the time may never be right. Between that project and trying hard to …

New releases

Messy Like Pigpen and other Like books

Kindly deliveryman has brought me two books in the [blank] Like [character] series, Messy Like Pigpen and Cool Like Snoopy. Now, when I review a book, I try to do it with consideration as to who the target market is… but in this case, I’m really not sure. These are board books, so …

New releases

Complete Peanuts 25

So I have, in my hot’n’handsome li’l hands, a copy of The Complete Peanuts volume 25, collecting the final year-and-a-little of the newspaper strip, which is a good thing to have but not exactly hard to have come by before. But this is filled out with two other items of note: a …

Animated Peanuts

A shiny Easter Beagle

The new book adaptation of the animated special It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown is a slick production. The cover is embossed, with foil highlights and French flaps (that’s where the covers of a paperback are folded in to create inside flaps. The credits of the book are: By Charles M. …

New releases

Happy Valentine’s Day, Charlie Brown

The whirlybeagle on the cover of the new level-two kids book Happy Valentine’s Day, Charlie Brown is misleading – there is no whirlybeagle on the inside. Instead, it’s a tale of Valentine’s Day, of Charlie Brown making a card for the Little Red Haired Girl and of others making cards or …