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Now shipping: Peanuts volume 3

Amazon is now shipping the third trade paperback collection of the Peanuts comic book series (at the moment, they’re listing it as a “preorder”, but they are actually shipping copies). The first Peanuts comic book stories written by ye old AAUGH Blogger make up just a small portion of this full …

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A Charlie Brown Cupcake

The Snoopy and Friends Cupcake Kit, including a couple hundred cupcake wrappers and a few dozen toppers, is now shipping. It’s being distributed as a book, so it showed up on my radar, but then it was listed as simply including a recipe card, which is not a book, so …

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Doodles and Cosby

Now shipping is The Peanuts Gang Loves to Doodle, an activity book. And while I’m posting: if the replacement of the  introduction in Peanuts Guide to Life is worrying you, just stop by your local Hallmark store.  They still have an edition with the Bill Cosby intro.

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A month you may eventually need

I’ve seen 12 month calendars a-plenty. I’ve seen 18 months, 15 months, and I think I’ve even seen a 13 month calendar at one point. But never, to my recollection, have I ever seen a single month calendar sold as a separate item. Until now. Yes, if you are in …

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Peanuts books be shipping

I recently received my copies of Be Thankful and Be Friends, the latest books in the Peanuts Wisdom to Carry You Through series… and really, my review for the earlier volumes still applies. If you liked those, here’s more of that. I missed announcing the shipment of The Peanuts Gang …

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Schulz’s It’s Only a Game – now in COLOR!

Back in 2004, I published a collection of Schulz’s other syndicated feature, “It’s Only a Game”, a fairly short-lived series of single-panel cartoons from the late 1950s. None of these panels had ever appeared in a proper book before; now they all had. Done. Nothing to worry about any longer. …

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Kindle books

If you didn’t manage to get that free Kindle book by now, alas, it’s too late; it’s now $9.99. So is the Kindle edition of the strip collection The World According to Lucy, which is about 1/3 off of its “digital list price”. That’s also the case for Snoopy at …


correction on Free Peanuts Book announcement

When I said of the free Kindle edition of  It’s a Dog’s Life, Snoopy that “you don’t need a Kindle device to read it; there are Kindle programs for most computers, for the iPad and other tablets, etc.“, I was only partly, fuzzily right. This book, while readable by the …


Free Peanuts book for Kindle

The strip collection It’s a Dog’s Life, Snoopy is free right now (one of a few Peanuts books that just showed up on Kindle.) You don’t need a Kindle device to read it; there are Kindle programs for most computers, for the iPad and other tablets, etc. Note: When I …

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Ooooh, leeeeemited eeeedition!

I don’t think I mentioned this before. The first collection of the Boom! Peanuts comic book, which is most commonly available as a trade paperback, also has a limited hardcover edition which can be ordered only at the Boom! website.