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It’s Only Tomorrow

Well, it’s finally time for me to tell you what that other exciting shipment was that I alluded to earlier. What I got was the first copies off the presses of It’s Only A Game, the book collecting Charles Schulz’s other syndicated comic. As I posted earlier this year, this …

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Peanuts in Translation in Collection

The Charles M. Schulz Museum is currently running an exhibit of Yoshiteru Otani’s Peanuts-themed ink drawings, called Found In Translation. They’re also putting out a catalog for this exhibition, which will not be available through but can now be ordered through the Charles M. Schulz Museum Store; the section …

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A box of friends

Also now available is Oh Friends of Friends : A Peanuts Box of Friendship, which is the same sort of little box as the Merry Christmas, Sweetie! Woof, Woof, Woof!” box I described before. This one has a cardboard Snoopy with word balloon stickers. I’ve not gotten it yet, so …

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Peanuts Paperback Celebration

Peanuts: a Golden Celebration, the large 50th anniversary book, is now shipping in paperback. (This isn’t the first paperback edition, but the earlier one was available only to a membrs of a book club.) One thing I do want to note is that this edition has not been updated at …

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I Want A DVD For Christmas, Charlie Brown!

Just out on DVD is I Want A Dog For Christmas, Charlie Brown, the most recent Christmas special. And if that one special is not special enough for you, they round out the disk with some other material from the past few years: the documentary on the making of A …

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Wow, this is late

I jus discovered that somehow I let the new book adaptation of It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown slip by without announcement. This isn’t the one that’s part of the line of kiddie books. Instead, this is a miniature hardcover, a la last year’s A Charlie Brown Christmas adaptation. Well, …

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Peanuts Musicals by Pauline Graeber

Another book that is not alas available through the bookstore is The Wonderful World of Peanuts Musicals by Pauline Graeber. This is a collecting guide for Peanuts musical figurines, music boxes, and the like. I’ve not seen it a copy, so I can’t recommend it… but if that’s what …

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Complete Peanuts Volume 2 NOW SHIPPING!

The Complete Peanuts volume 2 is now shipping. Order one today!

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Peanuts Statues, again and again

For those of you who enjoy the Peanuts statues that have blanketed St. Paul over the last few years: this was the last year for them. The booklet with the pictures of the statues is now available, although not from; you can only get it from Camp Snoopy. (As …

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Tricks and now Treats! Woof Woof Woof!

Trick or Treat! A Peanuts Halloween is now availale for immediate shipment at a nice little discount. More than 100 Halloween-themed strips, plus recipes, costume ideas, and so on. And if that’s not too far in advance of a holiday for ya, you can also get the little gift book …