Discount Peanuts Collection back in stock

If you didn’t get everything you wanted for Christmas, here’s some good news: the remaindered copies of The Peanuts Collection are back in stock at Amazon for a mere $14 each. (Waddaya mean, that wasn’t everything you wanted for Christmas?)


Holiday greetings from!

The actual holiday part of the Holiday Season starts at sundown tonight, with the beginning of Hannukah, so I thought this a good time to put up the holiday greetings recorded by the younger members of the staff here at the corporate campus, the famed AAUGH-dot-Complex: If you see this, …


A Charlie Brown Christmas music bargain

Right now, you can download the entire extended edition of the A Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack for just $1.99! Go get it!


Celebrating Peanuts Black Friday deal

I just noticed that as part of Amazon’s Black Friday Week, they have Celebrating Peanuts, the big hardcover strip reprint, for 48% off… but there’s just under 2 hours left on the deal, so if you want it, click through now.


Remaindered Peanuts Collection

I know that this is buried at the end of the last long post that many of you may not bother to make it through: but yes, there are remaindered copies of The Peanuts Collection available for $14 apiece, and ordering two will qualify you for free shipping in the …

Animated Peanuts

Happiness is a Warm Blanket – cheap and free

I’ve just noticed that this year’s enjoyable new DVD release Happiness is a Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown has been marked way down to under seven bucks! That’s a good price for a good disk; there’s no second special on it, but remember this is a double-length feature, and there are …


Schulz’s Youth by the case

I’m trying to clear some warehouse space, so… if anyone could use a lot of copies of Schulz’s Youth, the collection of the single panel cartoons that Schulz did for church publications, have I got a deal for you! For $120 (that’s $80 + $40 for shipping), you’ll get 38 …


That makes it the 22.8th anniversary, right?

Celebrating Peanuts, the 60th anniversary slipcased hardcover… well, the first of the two 60th anniversary slipcased hardcovers, and not the one I wrote… is now available from Amazon for 62% off its $75 list price. That brings it down to $28.86, a good deal, plus it qualifies for free shipping …


Peanuts Collection for fifteen bucks

For whatever reason, the folks over at Bud Plant Art Books have copies of my book The Peanuts Collection for under $15. This is the slipcased hardcover with all the cool interactive items. If you’ve been holding off on getting this book, this seems like a good time to get …


Cheap Peanuts books cheaper

Those hardcover Life Is Like a Ten-Speed Bicycle and On and Off the Field volumes have had their prices cut down to $3.99 over at BN. And while you’re there, you can get book adaptations of It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown and Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown for 99 …