The big A Charlie Brown Christmas book

book adaptations of A Charlie Brown Christmas

Hallmark is on a personal plan to bankrupt me by putting out a new book adaptation of A Charlie Brown Christmas every year. This year’s attempt is particularly aggressive. It’s a large book… not in page count, it’s a mere 10 pages, but in dimensions. Thirteen-and-a-half inches wide. Sixteen inches high. Almost two inches thick. The front cover is multi-layered, the inside spreads are all pop-ups. Not just pop-ups… lighted pop-ups!

And is there sound? You can read this book with the sound off, or with the music on, or you can even turn on narration!

And are there characters who were not even in the TV special? Hey, there’s Franklin, right on the cover!

This book is all things to all people! Powerful like a gorilla, yet soft and yielding like a Nerf ball!

And the price, a mere $64.99.

Peanuts® A Charlie Brown Christmas Large Lighted Pop-Up Book With Sound is available for immediate shopping from Hallmark… but I may just wait until Hallmark’s set of Christmas discounts gets mailed out for this one, folks!

book adaptations of A Charlie Brown Christmas
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book adaptations of A Charlie Brown Christmas
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book adaptations of A Charlie Brown Christmas

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