The misrecording of history

A Charlie Brown Christmas

We just finished this Peanuts Christmas jigsaw puzzle, which takes element from A Charlie Brown Christmas and kicks out characters like Violet and 5 who actually did the work developing those moves, and replaces them with more popular characters. It’s like when they make the big-screen adaptation of your favorite video game and suddenly you’re hearing Chris Pratt instead of the correct voice.

Meanwhile, I stumbled across this little section of a review of a Robert Short talk in an issue of The Lima (Ohio) News, which I’m sure is due to a presumptive copy editor (the 1970 version of autocorrect failure):


A Charlie Brown Christmas
There was always a future for Peanuts animation

Part of the great history of A Charlie Brown Christmas was that the network didn’t really know what it had, was expecting it to disappoint, only to find that half the sets in the country were tuned into the tale of the little tree that could. Adding some complexity to this …

A Charlie Brown Christmas
The “A Charlie Brown Christmas” pre-screener?

While I was doing research on the book adaptations of A Charlie Brown Christmas for yesterday’s post, I was delving into online newspaper archives – which is a great black hole for me, drawing me in and destroying the rest of my world. I get off on tangents, investigate odd …

I can’t even pronounce this

AAUGH Blog reader Alan pointed out to me that in the UK, Amazon is offering a book of the writings of the great Charles M. Shculz. I checked, and it’s available in the US as well… only we have the edition that was published in 1656…. which is before there …