Decades before The Girl in the Red Truck

I found a picture in Chicago Sunday Tribune from when they were promoting “It’s Only a Game” in 1957, with Schulz taking Linus and Snoopy for a walk. The archive, alas, is not a clear image; this is something I’m going to have to hunt down an original printing of, which is presumably in color.

Charles Schulz takes Snoopy and Linus for a walk.Charles Schulz takes Snoopy and Linus for a walk. 06 Oct 1957, Sun Chicago Tribune (Chicago, Illinois)

Classified Peanuts

If you’ve read a lot of Peanuts reprint books, you’ve probably at some point read the June, 1962 storyline where Linus’s blanket got turned into a kite, which in turn got carried away by the winds. You may even have seen this panel: That panel showed up the in the …

Why your shipments are rescheduled

If you pre-order books from Amazon like I do, you may recently have gotten some messages letting you know that the book has been rescheduled and will arrive later than originally planned. While this is something that always happens to some extent (planning for the future is an imperfect science), …

Free Comic Book Day this coming Saturday

Coming up this Saturday, August 14, 2021, you’ll be able to walk into most comic book stores in the US and Canada and walk out with free comic books. (There are some stores that don’t participate, and a few that require a purchase to get the free ones… but they …