Mr. Head-round und the hound

Classic finds

The Reference Library has been improved with the addition of Charlie Brown und Snoopy, which is a 1970 German translation of World Publishing’s 1968 adaptation of the 1968 TV special “He’s Your Dog, Charlie Brown”.

This is an example of something that I’ve seen very few examples of: foreign language adaptations of Peanuts specials. The only three that I have in the Library are all in Japanese; one of Charlie Brown’s All-Stars, one of Why, Charlie Brown, Why? and a pop-up edition of A Charlie Brown ChristmasChristmas is the only one that I recall seeing in other languages, and then only a couple. Oh, I’m sure I’m missing some, but in America these things were such a staple in the 1970s (particularly abetted by Scholastic Book Club editions) that the lack of visibility of these things seems quite a contrast.

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Where Eagles Dare To Edit

Eagle-eyed AAUGH Blog reader David noted that for this year’s Peanuts desk calendar, they’re reformatting the 1971 strips into narrower panels… and that’s not the only change. Check the last few words – where the original January 16, 1971 strip had said “just walk around”, in now says “just walkS …

New releases
REVIEW: Peanuts mini comic books

The new series of Peanuts mini comic books issued by The Charles Schulz Museum are some of the more expensive Peanuts books ever issued. After all, for a normal Peanuts book, you just have to walk over to the bookstore and give them money, but for these supposedly “free” mini …

New releases
From the “my views are reality, your views are bias” pile

The new, brief Schulz biography Charles Schulz: an Account for the Young and the Casually Curious, is a self-published, print-on-demand effort with a stated mission. Author Matt Trimble says that other biographies “are often laced with the author’s own interpretations and biases. Therefore, I have attempted to compile a brief, …