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Hallmark has a couple of new books available at your local Hallmark store – or, for those of us who are trying to stay at home or whose nearby Hallmark store has closed down (both me), via mail order. Friend of the blog Kathleen wanted to make sure that I saw The Adventures of the Candy Crusader. A superheroing of Snoopy? Of course I’m there.

This is a storybook, being billed as a pop-up book. I suspect it may be one of the recent one-pop-up-at-the-end books, which is a pleasant surprise if you didn’t expect it but a disappointment if you were looking for impressive up-popping. But there’s a copy on its way, and I shall see what it actually is.

Also coming in that shipment is Better Together: Peanuts Reflections on Friendship From Across the Decades, a gift book of the picture-facing-an-adage style (as in Happiness is a Warm Puppy) with a notably retro cover.

Hallmark is also reissuing the light-up pop-up It’s a Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown adaptation from 2016. This is a new printing, not warehouse copies, because the new run lacks the 50th Anniversary branding that you’ll see in this video:

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Not authorized, but is it legal?

AAUGH Blog reader Debbie Anne pointed out to me the announcement of this curious upcoming volume, Charlie and Friends in Tip Top Comics – The Dell Series Reader Collection. This is a reprint of original Peanuts stories that appeared in the Tip Top series, and will be available in black-and-white …

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Get your BE MORE SNOOPY signed

Be More Snoopy is out today, and I’m already getting the “how can I get this signed?” query. Well, unsurprisingly, I have no signing tour on the schedule…. but all you have to do is email me your U.S. address, and I will email you a signed bookplate (that’s a …

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Review: Let’s Go to the Library!

The new “Ready-to-Read Level Two” storybook Let’s Go to the Library! is officially “by Charles M. Schulz, adapted by May Nakamura, illustrated by Robert Pope”, and it’s actually valid to call it an adaptation (which is not true of some of these storybooks.) This tale of Sally’s first trip to …